Where do we go now?


Last week I was surprised when I found out that Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos for alleged “harassment” of actress Leslie Jones. As a staunch free speech advocate, despite not agreeing with many of Milo’s public opinions (I didn’t even follow him on Twitter), I decided to boycott the website until his account was restored. When it became evident that Twitter would not restore his account in spite of the public outcry, I began to consider whether or not I should continue using the service, whether Twitter had any practical applications in my life or if it was just a means of indulging my vices.

Twitter’s advantages are its digestible content, prompt breaking news, and accessibility to public figures. I used it primarily to follow people and organizations I cared about and to share my thoughts with the public through a convenient means that doesn’t compromise my privacy. However, Twitter’s disadvantages, the fostering of drama, Tweeting half baked thoughts, and wasting hours scrolling through the thousands of tweets in my feed every day, often stem from these advantages. I have no need for Twitter professionally; I’m not a celebrity who needs to communicate with his fans. I’m just a follower who craves attention, a 24 year old with the social media addiction of a 14 year old. Remembering my grade school days when I refused to get a MySpace because I wanted to avoid drama, I can’t believe that I’ve become who I am today.

Change starts now. I uninstalled the Twitter app from my phone and will never install it again. Having continuous access to Twitter is unhealthy and distracts me from more productive things. I will check Twitter sparingly (or if someone Tweets/DMs me) and use it primarily to notify my followers of new blog posts and reviews. My Twitter page will remain the same for now. I considered deleting all my tweets, but that didn’t seem productive and could appear like I’m trying to hide something.

I’ve decided that a proper standalone blog would be my best outlet of self expression. Blog posts take time and effort, which prevents me from sharing impulsive thoughts. It operates under my own rules. Finally, the greatest advantage of a blog is the fact that I can make the posts as long as I want and format them as I wish, a freedom not provided by other platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr.

That said, I will gradually migrate my blog posts from my Tumblr to my WordPress blog. I have much more formatting freedom in an independent blog, and I have no desire to participate in Tumblr’s community. I’m not even sure if anyone knew about my Tumblr anyway.

As Axl Rose said in Sweet Child O’ Mine, “Where do we go now?” I plan on making media reviews (anime, music, tv, movies, whatever else catches my attention) and other long form blog posts regularly. In the short term, I have reviews of Ano Natsu de Matteru and Aria the Avvenire in the works for my Anime-Planet. I also have been considering making regular reviews of Steven Universe during the “Summer of Steven” (although I’m not sure if this will be daily, weekly, or what). I hope that this form of content creation allows for the harvesting of tangible fruits of my free time hobbies.


  1. I’m cutting way back on Twitter.
  2. I’m going to make this blog my main means of self expression on the internet.
  3. I’m deleting my Tumblr and moving all the content from there over to this blog.
  4. Expect more reviews in the future.

The best way to contact me is still via Twitter (@Qwaiiplayer). Send me a tweet or DM and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!



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