Blog Revival

Disclaimer: This blog is just straight unedited thoughts coming at the end of the day.

Since my last blog, I have done the following (besides my routine job/organist obligations):

  1. Started reading Between A Rock and A Hard Place by Aron Ralston and gave up because he managed to make the story of a guy getting his arm trapped under a boulder boring (plus the 100 or so pages I’ve read made me realize he’s kinda an idiot).
  2. Listened to The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King on audiotape, which I enjoyed. I made an outline for a review but never got around to it due to laziness.
  3. Mourned Gene Wilder’s Death with Kiss Me Like a Stranger, which was a good read but not really something reviewable.
  4. Read the short story Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and found it incredibly depressing. Didn’t Kurt Vonnegut call it the most depressing thing ever written in one of his books? I forget. Not reviewing that.
  5. Read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, which again didn’t prompt a really strong opinion. It started off strong and interesting but he seemed to run out of ideas by the end.
  6. Hit Legend in Hearthstone (Shaman is a broken class).
  7. Read about half of Karin (a.k.a. Chibi Vampire), which I will probably review on my Anime-Planet account when I’m done with it.
  8. Played a lot of Dota and still suck.
  9. Went on a life changing retreat and proceeded to go back to my mundane job.
  10. Watched Voiceless, the film about a man’s moral fight against an abortion clinic.

I KNOW I’VE BEEN LAZY. This is a problem of mine. I’ve actually been too lazy to even move all my blogs over from tumblr. I’m never going to get a following this way. I’m never getting a following period honestly. I don’t really make quality content and this blog is mostly just for my own self gratification. I’m not even going to post this entry to Facebook because it’s too embarrassing to show my family.

So what am I going to do? I’m gonna write a review of Voiceless. I went to the theater with the intent of gathering material for a blog post. I managed to fill about 4 pages of my pocket notebook (which made me realize how hard it is to write and watch a movie at the same time, especially when it’s dark in the theater). That should be enough for me to write a proper review FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER.



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